Shipping and Order Information

We currently ship to a limited number of states in the US and in specific quantities due to the types of shipping containers that are used to secure your wines. If your order does not contain both an acceptable number of bottles and a choice of a state we can ship to, the Shopping cart will warn you to change your order.

Shipping boxes are:
1 bottle
3 bottles
6 bottles
1 case (12 bottles)

The states we currently ship to are:
Zone 1 : Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington
Zone 2 : Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico and Wyoming
Zone 3 : Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Tennesee and Wisconsin
Zone 4 : Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey, South Carolina, Virginia, Vermont, west Virginia, and Washington District of Columbia